Media: Things we like

Rock Band

It really shouldn't be possible for three people sitting in a dingy living room to have so much fun with a microphone, a plastic guitar and a plastic drum kit. But Rock Band, the latest incarnation of Guitar Hero for Xbox 360, says it is possible. And when Rock Band speaks, you listen. Just the sheer joy of playing one of your favourite songs with up to three mates (guitar, bass, drums and singing) is fun like you cannot imagine. Karaoke times one million.

Walker Media's tenth anniversary

For the second year running, Walker Media celebrated a big milestone (last year's was the departure of its founder Christine Walker) by having a big party at the Chiswick House Festival. As well as having access to all the bands and food at the festival, guests partied until midnight with some of the leading names in the media industry, led by Walker's chief executive, Phil Georgiadis. Guests included News International's Clive Milner, Associated's Guy Zitter, Nick Milligan from Sky, IPG's Nick Brien and Walker's mates at M&C Saatchi, who arrived en masse looking like an Armani army among the media people. Walker certainly knows how to do it in style, though we preferred the brilliant pork pies to the lobster.

Soccer Masters on Sky

Still waiting for the new football season, we've been entertained by Sky Sports' annual Masters offering, which sees past football "greats" holding their beer guts and attempting to recapture past glories. It's more comedy than genuine sport, but we've enjoyed the matches so far. And it seems wholly appropriate that Pukka Pies is last year's champions Leicester City's sponsor.

The Max Mosley versus News of the World court case

We're enjoying the daily coverage of the privacy case brought by Max Mosley following the News of the World's expose on him. Every morning there are new attacks and revelations about the antics of the motor racing boss. Events in court are turning increasingly combative, with Mosley's counsel accusing the paper of "gross and indefensible intrusion". We await next week's ruling with interest.


The return of Superstars on five

We were big fans of the sport show Superstars in the 70s so we were looking forward to its revival on five on Friday nights. In the end, though, we were disappointed with the first episode. It all felt a bit clinical, flat and too professional compared with the antics of the original Superstars. Team captains (including Dame Kelly Holmes and Sir Steve Redgrave) were serious performers rather than entertaining characters and presentation from Jim Rosenthal and Sharron Davies was ponderous. It will be interesting to see how many of the show's 1.3 million viewers stick around for the second episode.