Media: Things we like

- The return of The Wire

Addicts of the US cop series, heralded by many as the best TV drama of all time, could breathe a sigh of relief as it returned for its fifth season this Monday on the FX channel. The series begins with McNulty and his team still trying to take down Marlo Stanfield's drug crew in Baltimore and the focus this time around is on the media. This run of The Wire promises to provide insights into what drives the media agenda as well as the usual layers of moral ambiguity between the cops and those they are chasing.

- Changes to Facebook

Facebook has had a facelift. The site has a new simpler design and many new and improved features, including a "publisher" feature allowing users to create content in a centralised section. Through it, users can upload photos or upload videos rather than navigating to each individual application. Also, third-party applications are more integrated into the site to make using them simpler. And Facebook is slowly introducing the changes to enable users to flip between pages of the "old" and "new" looks to emphasise the difference.

- Dragons' Den

OK, so it's a BBC2 show but we can't resist the nasty charms of Dragons' Den, back for its sixth series and still as compelling as ever. The first show threw up Dragon Peter Jones backing the indie band Hamfatter but there were more than the usual share of abject failures. Evan Davis continues to present with understatement and the sales pitches get ever more embarrassing. Compelling viewing, especially during the summer season of repeats.

- The Telegraph website

Telegraph Media Group has overhauled its website in an effort to bump up commercial revenues. The new-look site allows the group to offer new ad formats and more commercial content partnerships. The redesign has been undertaken with a view to making the site more accessible for users and the homepage, sport, travel and news sections have been given a makeover, which includes a new page design and a smaller version of the title's masthead.


- The Facebook iPhone application

It may just be the coolest and most coveted piece of technology to hit the market in years, but seeing as we can't yet afford or get our hands on an iPhone due to depleted stocks in the UK, we're a bit fed up of Facebook telling us just how many of our "friends" have downloaded the Facebook for iPhone application. Given that our newsfeeds are beginning to read like a "who's who" of the lucky sods that are downloading Facebook to their new pride and joys, until Santa delivers, we're just going to have to stop checking "the book".