Media: Things we like


We enjoyed the first issue of Conde Nast's title, which looks to explore "the future as it happens". The magazine has, for the launch issue at least, attracted some good advertisers. It will be interesting to see if the title can maintain this and whether its mix of technology and ideas will build a consistently strong circulation. While we can't pretend that we understood everything in Wired, most of its content is relevant to anybody working in media and advertising. We're not sure about the "circuit board porn" in the "Start" section, though. Six pages of photos of circuitry that controls France's nuclear weapons seemed geeky.

Egmont classic comics

Nostalgia from the 80s is rife, but we are enjoying Egmont's classic comics, not least this month's release of a special Roy Of The Rovers. The comic has plenty of action from Roy combined with some other great football strips (such as Billy's Boots and MightyMouse). Most amusingly, Gary Lineker features with "his super, new quiz" called "Go for Goal with Gary Lineker". It's not quite Match Of The Day, but we had fun answering Gary's questions.

Mickey Rourke at Wrestlemania

While it was sad for Rourke that he missed out on an Oscar for his performance in The Wrestler, he managed to maintain his profile by appearing at last weekend's Wrestlemania, the annual wrestling event watched by millions of Americans and wrestling fans around the world. Speculation suggested Rourke would make an appearance and on the night and he didn't disappoint. While he declined to take part in a conventional bout, he climbed into the ring to display his boxing skills - flooring the wrestling superstar Chris Jericho with a fine left hook.

Umbro's 'tailored by England' campaign

England's new football kit might look like something you'd wear on the golf course, but the manufacturer Umbro, and its agency Mindshare, has gone all out with a media campaign to back the launch. A music supplement with the NME, featuring overseas bands influenced by sounds from England, was an innovative way to reach a younger audience while its use of CBS Outdoor's new "digiwall" at Bond Street station, created impact for England fans going to Wembley.


The Grand National

April is the cruellest month. Just when you think that, with the climax of the Boat Race, nonsense sporting events are over for another year, along comes the Grand National. As a spectacle, it is dismal - form goes out of the window (a 100-1 outsider won this year) and too many horses are allowed to run, making it confusing to follow and dangerous for the horses. Next year, we'll go to the dogs instead.