Media: Things we like

IPL cricket on Setanta

Compared with last year, the Indian Premier League 20/20 tournament might seem a bit of a damp squib having been moved to South Africa amid security concerns. But while it might not be attracting the frenzied crowds in India, we're enjoying Setanta's coverage, especially now that the England big hitters Kevin Pieterson and Andrew "Freddy" Flintoff are playing. It may not be the Ashes, but for a bit of quick cricket fun you can't beat it - especially when some of the world's biggest stars are going head-to-head.

The Pirate Bay founders

We know illegal downloading is a very bad thing, but we couldn't help taking a shine to the founders of the Swedish BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay. We particularly enjoyed their air of baffled amusement as their trial for assisting the downloading of illegal content progressed, and their use of live Twitter feeds from court to update supporters on proceedings. Events culminated last week in one-year prison sentences and a fine of £2.4 million, prompting the founder Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi to declare: "Even if I had any money, I would rather burn everything I own and not even give them the ashes."

Henry VIII: Mind Of A Tyrant

While everybody has gone Henry VIII mad, given that this year marks the 500th anniversary of his accession to the throne, Channel 4 has set the benchmark for coverage of the super-sized King with this engrossing four-part perspective. Presented by the always-entertaining historian David Starkey, the series succeeds by mixing modern analogies with fascinating source material to trace Henry's evolution from studious boy to monstrous tyrant. If all history was like this, we'd go back to school.

Radio Times iPhones application

The new Radio Times app for the iPhone and iPod Touch promises to be one of the most downloaded around as it allows users to browse the magazine's listings, including seven days of TV and radio information, across 400 channels and stations. The application was designed by tvCompass and is the latest move by Radio Times to make its title more interactive. The £1.79 price might deter some from downloading the app but the Radio Times content is worth the fee.


The closure of Sport

We were fans of the weekly free title Sport, but unfortunately it has been forced to suspend publication due a decline in advertising revenue. While the magazine sector is undoubtedly overcrowded, there are lesser products around and its demise could be significant for other struggling free titles. While we hope Sport's managing director, Greg Miall, can secure new funding, the title's demise is a reflection that the free content model comes under pressure during a downturn.