Media: Things we like

ITV Player on Virgin Media

While ITV is having a tough time, it deserves some recognition for attempting to build audiences in new ways. Its deal with Virgin Media, to make its ITV Player on-demand service available on the platform, is being rewarded with some strong results. During March, the ITV Player attracted more than four million views, helping Virgin Media to a record month in terms of viewing and ITV to an increased audience for its programming. The most popular shows in March included Coronation Street and Dancing On Ice, but expect the April figures to boom with the introduction of Britain's Got Talent.


Channel 4's feature-length drama about the end of the apartheid era was gripping and featured a strong cast including William Hurt, Jonny Lee Miller and Mark Strong. The drama focused on secret talks between the ANC and Afrikaner politicians to bring about change, and the setting, a country house in England, added some elegance and mystery. While the action documented one of the most important events in modern history, there were also plenty of twists and turns to keep the audience entertained. An excellent way to end the Bank Holiday weekend.

Monocle expansion

While Monocle magazine is a bit esoteric for many of us, Tyler Brule's international title should be applauded for investing in its product at a time when many are making cutbacks. Monocle has just announced a significant investment in staff, including the appointment of a Washington correspondent as well as people on the ground in Sao Paulo, Bogota and Moscow. It seems that the title's strategy of charging for content across all media is paying dividends.

Setanta's latest offer

With the football season coming to an end, it's time to consider a long summer outdoors, enjoying the wonders of the British climate and its unique drinking culture. But Setanta is tempting us to continue to lounge around in front of the telly with the amazing value of making its sports channels available to existing subscribers for just £3.33 a month over the next three months. There might not be much in the way of top-class football on offer during that period, but at such bargain basement prices, we might just find ourselves becoming golf aficionados.


More cutbacks at WPP

Bad news is inevitable at the moment, but the sheer scale of job cuts announced this week at WPP was depressing. Some 7,200 people are expected to go in total, with half already having been made redundant and the rest to leave by the end of the year, according to reports. Staff in London agencies aren't expected to escape the cuts, which is miserable for those involved and evidence that recovery could be a long time coming.