Media: Things we like

- Tilda Rice cinema ticket promotion

The connection between cinema and rice is not immediately obvious, but, regardless, the rice brand Tilda is giving away a free cinema ticket with every pack in conjunction with Cineworld. And the brand ran a Bollywood promotion last year, so the link, even if tenuous, has at least been established. Tilda hasn't failed to notice the massive rise in cinema admissions lately, and has rightly calculated that a free night out at the movies will be a hit with its consumers. If only you could get a decent curry at the cinema. Now there's a challenge for Tilda and Cineworld.

- Star Trek

And you could do worse than check out the new Star Trek film. Unlike other Star Trek movie efforts, this one sprints along rather than plods and mixes some great effects with some strong performances from a pretty much unknown cast (though Simon Pegg almost qualifies as a film star over this side of the Atlantic). Expertly directed by the Lost creator JJ Abrams, the pace of the film never lets up and the story is well told. The fact that it has annoyed some Trekkie purists is a good thing in our book - bring on the next seven instalments.

- Britain's Got Talent beating Eurovision

Not only do we like to see ITV getting one over on the BBC, but also Eurovision is a truly awful spectacle. A parody of a pastiche of music and light entertainment. For all Britain's Got Talent's faults, it does create genuine human interest and some emotional moments, as well as attracting a large audience to commercial TV. So we were pleased to see that ITV's show picked up 9.8 million viewers, beating Eurovision's average of 7.8 million viewers.

- Real brands in Corrie

While the brands in Coronation Street are usually made up (Newton & Ridley beer in The Rovers, for example), it was good to see some real beer brands (we spotted several including Beck's and Budweiser) in last week's episode when Eddie Windass visited the wholesalers to pursue a card scam. Though Windass filled his own trolley with some generic "lager beer" (the producers presumably wary of endorsing a real brand), could this be a first step towards greater brand authenticity in The Street?


Peaches Geldof in ES magazine

The new-look London Evening Standard has relaunched its Friday supplement, ES Magazine, as a more "happening" version of its old self. The title seems to be shooting for a younger market, but hiring Peaches Geldof as an agony aunt is surely a step in the wrong direction. Taking advice from an over-indulged, 20-year-old socialite seems, to us, to be hard for anyone over the age of 12 to stomach.