Media: Things we like

NatMag's fashion and beauty events

A month dedicated to fashion and beauty is enough to help even the most style-impoverished of us. So The National Magazine Company should have no problem making the grubby masses a little easier on the eye with its 30 days of fashion and beauty events in September. The events, sponsored by Boots, include a makeover from She magazine, style and beauty events at Boots shops and a star-studded gala party at the National History Museum with the special guest celebrity photographer Lorenzo Agius.

IPhone users getting creative control on ads

IPhone gives power to the people with its new platform where consumers can control digital ads. Fiddle about with your phone enough and you can change the colour of the creative, spin it around and zoom in and zoom out. The platform, created by CBS in partnership with the digital agency Cluster, will no doubt go down a storm with consumers - especially bored teenagers who may embrace it as a legal and entertaining form of graffiti. Expect to see the interactive posters at Westfield soon.

Turner Classic Movies revamp

We love the film channel Turner Classic Movies for its non-stop churn of old favourites. Now, on its tenth anniversary, the channel is widening its already extensive film catalogue with a view to attracting younger viewers. Old classics such as Rear Window will appear alongside slightly newer ones such as Boogie Nights. Slick idents, a relaunched website at and a marketing campaign inviting viewers to upload their own recreations of famous films, should help get a few more bums on sofas.

The return of cricket's Richie Benaud on Five

Cricket is the talk of the town right now, especially with the Ashes series just around the corner. It's a shame Channel 4 lost the live rights to the battle with Australia, but we like the return of the former commentating legend that is Richie Benaud to the highlights coverage on Five - the 78-year-old will be a studio analyst. What we like even more is that Benaud's final act before retiring in 2005 was to commentate on England's famous Ashes win, so the omens must be good.


Big Brother is no longer charitable

Not only are the Big Brother inmates being forced to live in a room without furniture, Channel 4 is having to cut back elsewhere. The broadcaster can't make enough money on its Big Brother phone votes to donate to charity anymore, so it's keeping the 10p given to a good cause for every vote cast for its own beleaguered coffers. It's a sad day when a national broadcaster has to raid the charity boxes for financial help.