Media: Things we like

Sure's Ashes activity

We're enjoying Sure deodorant's witty advertising related to the England/Australia Ashes battle. Its viral ad featuring Andrew Flintoff on a pedalo showed a sense of humour and then its activity in sponsoring the wicket covers at Lord's was inspired. Each time the rain came down, the ground team wheeled on the main wicket cover with the line "Sure ... Keeps you dry" all over the top. It helped that England was winning but the sponsorship raised smiles even among those who were getting soaked.

HD on Freeview

High definition is another great innovation that could ensure TV's future. So, it's good for advertisers that it's not just Sky that is investing in the technology. After last week's news that Virgin Media is increasing its HD commitment, this week saw the announcement that at least two Freeview HD boxes will be available by the end of the year. HD digital terrestrial will begin broadcasting on 2 December so, in theory, the whole viewing public will have access to it in time for Christmas.

Shane Warne on Sky Sports

The introduction of the Aussie spin legend Shane Warne to the Sky Ashes commentary team is raising a smile. Warne brings wit and a sense of rivalry to a team featuring the serious likes of Mike Atherton and Nasser Hussain. He's brilliantly indiscreet in revealing Australia's dressing room secrets and is surprisingly fair-minded at giving England praise where it's due. Warne's slots with Sir Ian Botham are especially worth listening to - on the opening day, he started by calling Botham "Sir Ian" before lapsing into using his nickname "Beefy" before finally settling on the even more snappy "Beef" when addressing the England legend.

Coronation Street on Google Street View

We've spent hours checking out real-life neighbourhoods on Google's Street View. So, we're excited that Google's Street View car has made its way down Coronation Street. Google is putting the fictional street on its "virtual map", which should bring viewers closer to the characters. It was also another PR coup for Google, which launched its maps of the moon in Google Earth to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing.


Stupid PR stunts

We're admirers of creativity and innovation but there are some ridiculous ideas out there right now. We've had the UK-based Dare Comics offering advertisers a "perpetual ad" in its comic, The Hunter, via eBay. An amazing opportunity that received tons of coverage but, as of Monday this week, the offer had attracted exactly zero bids. Then, this week, we had a company, Moon Publicity, selling ad space on the surface of the moon. We suspect its founders have been eating too much green cheese.