Media: Things we like

The return of the newspaper promotion

They've never really gone away, but, last weekend, newspaper giveaways hit peaks not achieved for months. While Saturday's Daily Mirror offered free fish and chips at Bhs, newspapers upped their game on Sunday. We bagged a free Abigail's Party DVD with The Observer, a B&B offer in the Sunday Express, £5 off at Cafe Rouge in The Sunday Times and, best of all, a pack of Monster Munch with the Daily Star. Are the good times back, or are newspapers just desperate?

Channel 4's themed ad break

Channel 4's sales team has come up with some creative ideas of late, its latest being a themed ad break around last Sunday's Come Dine With Me. The break featured products in sequence that would make an ideal dinner party. Advertisers included Gordon's Gin (aperitif), Covent Garden Soup (starter), Sainsbury's (main course), Haagen-Dazs (dessert), Nescafe and Bailey's (both digestif). We can't wait for the themed breaks around Skins.

Coronation Street licensing deal

We're glad that ITV is finally exploiting the potential of one of its strongest brands; this week, details emerged of the products that will launch this autumn to help mark the Street's 50th anniversary. Fans will be able to get their hands on special editions of Top Trumps, Monopoly and a PC game. However, we might draw the line at a range of "apparel" (Norris' cardie is hardly cutting-edge, even for us). It will be interesting to see what else ITV has up its sleeve for the celebrations.

Ofcom's 'twatgate' ruling

Absolute Radio can celebrate its first year on the airwaves with an Ofcom ruling that said its breakfast show interview with David Cameron, in which the Tory leader used the words "twat" and "piss", did not break its rules. Ofcom revealed that 20 people had complained about the language used, but the regulator decided that the remarks were made in context. However, the ruling does little to address allegations that Dave said, of Twitter users, "too many twits might make a twat" in a deliberate attempt to look more fashionable.


iPhone winning 'coolest brand'

You know that something ceases to be cool the minute it is declared as such. So we were dismayed to see that the iPhone has toppled Aston Martin (really?) as the coolest brand in this year's CoolBrands list, compiled from 2,500 votes in a survey run by the Centre for Brand Analysis. It's now officially time to chuck our iPhones away and find something else to show in pubs to prove we've got the largest (metaphorical) dick. The rest of the survey read like a shopping list for a retarded footballer or geriatric rock star (Bang & Olufsen, Rolex, Dom Perignon). Proof that the iPhone is in danger of becoming more passe than the hostess trolley.