Media: Things we like

Channel 4's 3D season

This week, Channel 4 has gone all three-dimensional with a host of programmes and ads in 3D. We enjoyed watching the the Queen in 3D in a documentary made during her coronation year. Other programming given the treatment included the thriller Friday The 13th Part III and, bizarrely, The Paul O'Grady Show. Brands such as Courvoisier and ING Direct aired 3D spots after the broadcaster made free pairs of 3D glasses available at Sainsbury's, which is sponsoring the TV spectacular. The novelty factor alone should help boost ratings for the channel.

The Wall Street Journal Europe redesign

We like The Wall Street Journal Europe's changes, launched this Tuesday. Critics might say it's lost its USP and looks much less American, but we think the bolder front page, cleaner look and greater use of boxes and colour really improves the title and makes it easier to read. Faintly reminiscent of its sister News Corp title The Times perhaps, but, then, that's no bad thing. It will be interesting to see whether the changes can boost the Journal's reputation in the UK and Europe and really challenge the Financial Times.

Comedy Showcase on Channel 4

Channel 4 often gets accused of not investing enough in new programming but its current Comedy Showcase of one-off sitcoms on a Friday night is excellent. The university-based Campus, by the makers of Green Wing, set the bar high two weeks ago and then last Friday's PhoneShop, with Ricky Gervais as a script consultant, was just as strong. Hopefully, the broadcaster can get as least two regular sitcoms out of this short season. A welcome move in the right direction which, following C4's announcement of its plans for 2010, looks set to continue.

The return of I'm A Celebrity ...

OK, the format is wearing a bit thin after close to a decade of Bushtucker trials but we're still enjoying our nightly dose of celebrity jungle action. And you can't argue with the ratings - the first night bringing in nearly ten million viewers on ITV1. We're especially looking forward to Jordan's antics while hoping that Jimmy White wins. Though he'll probably finish a close second.


The death of Edward Woodward

Edward Woodward, who died this week at the age of 79, was a true ITV legend, having starred in the hit television show Callan in the 60s and 70s before then proving a hit in the 80s US series The Equalizer, which became one of our favourite shows when it aired in the UK. Woodward has appeared in more than 2,000 TV productions and excellent films, including The Wicker Man and Hot Fuzz, so he will be missed greatly.