Media: Things we like

GQ's interview with Slash

There were many things to enjoy in the February issue of GQ, but Piers Morgan's interview with the former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash was the best. Full of great rock and roll stories alongside some searingly honest insights into relationships with former bandmate Axl Rose and other famous musicians such as Michael Jackson, this is among the more readable pieces created by Morgan who, for the most part, lets the real star do the talking.

Avatar in 3D

Wow. James Cameron's film looks amazing in 3D and, despite the banal plot, the brilliance of the effects kept us hooked throughout. This is the kind of experience that will ensure the long-term future of cinema - great news for advertisers looking to target big audiences. While not every film in 3D has been worthy of attention, Cameron's labour of love certainly justifies the hype. The film has taken $1 billion at the box office in record time since release and looks like building on this over the coming months.

Amazon Remembers

We're getting really into Amazon's free iPhone app Amazon Remembers, which allows you to submit a photo of any item and it then attempts to match it to products in the Amazon store before providing prices and the option to buy. In a crude parody of the excellent Dixons creative work, we are especially enjoying taking pictures of electronic goods on the website before using Amazon Remembers in an attempt to secure lower prices from Amazon.

Winter darts

We now have withdrawal symptoms following the climax of the Christmas and New Year darts extravaganzas. Both world championships, the PDC darts on Sky and the BDO contest on BBC TV, provided cheer to get us through the cold, dark nights. The Sky darts was slightly more slick and has more sponsors on board. The continued dominance of Phil Taylor, combined with Sid Waddell's brilliant commentary, make it essential viewing. This year, though, the BBC darts was almost better - with a great final and, despite some dodgy camera work at times, brilliant coverage from Lakeside with Bobby George dripping in gold. We can't wait for the Premier League of Darts to begin next month.


New Sainsbury's packaging

We are upset by Sainsbury's decision to redesign its "Be Good To Yourself" healthy eating range of foods. At precisely the time of year when you're forcing yourself away from the pizza aisle and into the healthy foods, the last thing you want is to be greeted by a drab mixture of pea green and orange cardboard that looks like it has come from the 70s - making the food look 40 years out of date. The previous colour scheme was vibrant and exciting and made the food look fresh and appetising.