Media: Things we like

Living TV's Supernatural media activity

The US drama Supernatural has been a strong performer for Living and is returning for its fifth series. We've been impressed by a media campaign, through Manning Gottlieb OMD, to accompany its return. Living has created a cross-platform treasure hunt game that can be played online, via mobile and by collecting clues featuring in a print campaign. The game launched on a microsite ( and a Twitter countdown will announce new clues and provide tips to participants. A great example of a cross-media campaign that really involves an audience.

Up In The Air

It was a scandal that neither Up In The Air nor its star, George Clooney, won major gongs at this week's Golden Globe awards. Directed by Jason Reitman, who also directed the off-beat comedy Juno, the film is one of the most perfectly judged dark comedies of recent years, featuring Clooney as a lonely businessman who forms "relationships" at the numerous airports he passes in and out of. The plot is subtle and, as you'd expect from a Reitman film, combines some fine comic moments with real emotion. If life was fair, Up In The Air would win a few Oscars, but it's not, so it probably won't.

The FT's latest iPhone app

And for those airbound business travellers, the Financial Times has just launched a really useful iPhone app version of its Little Book Of Business Travel. The free download features travel content from the first of the FT's Little Books, covering cities in China. The content is written by FT correspondents and is firmly targeted at the business traveller. So there's now no excuse for not choosing the best venues for business and entertaining.

Celebrity Big Brother

It's good to see Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother is going out with a bang. The series has been one of the most entertaining Big Brother iterations and has delivered strong viewing figures for the broadcaster as well as some priceless moments for viewers. Our favourite bits included the born-again Christian Stephen Baldwin's attempt to "convert" cage fighter Alex Reid. The final Celebrity Big Brother shows that, if done well, there's life in reality formats yet.


The Persuasionists

We wanted to like the new BBC2 sitcom set in the fictional ad agency HHH&H but the first episode was awful. It's as though Peep Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Flight Of The Conchords had never existed as The Persuasionists took us back to a comedy style not seen since the days of Hi-de-Hi!. Caricatures bumbled along as we waited in vain for some semblance of wit. Let's hope that the show improves quickly or the BBC puts it out of its misery.