Media: Things we like

Sherlock Holmes

It would seem that far from being his muse, Madonna may have been draining the talent right out of Guy Ritchie. After a number of utterly useless films (from Snatch to RocknRolla), he's actually come up trumps with Sherlock Holmes, played brilliantly by Robert Downey Jnr. It's a buddy movie in the truest sense (action-packed with good jokes and a hint of homo-eroticism) and easily rivals the (later) Lethal Weapon films. It's still a long way from the king of buddy movies, though, The Last Boy Scout.

The return of Midsomer Murders on ITV

Forget the Manchester derby in the football League Cup. Wednesday was all about the return of DCI Barnaby in ITV1's hit show Midsomer Murders. This week's new episode contained all the camp hallmarks of Midsomer deaths mixed with the usual inviting English countryside and a star turn from Rik Mayall. Fantastic stuff. It was the main feature in the best night's TV of the year so far, with the excellent Mad Men following immediately at 10pm on BBC4 (and Desperate Housewives, if that's your thing, returning for a new series on Channel 4).

The launch of The Lighthouse Company

We enjoyed last week's launch event for The Lighthouse Company, the new recruitment consultancy headed by the former Saatchi & Saatchi and PHD business development director Kathleen Saxton. Lighthouse is promising to shake up the media headhunter market but, regardless, it was encouraging to see such an optimistic launch at the start of the year. It was good that so many media owners and media agency people thought so too, as the toasts went on well after our bedtime.

Nuts signs Striker

We're big fans of the Striker comic strip in The Sun, so it's exciting that, after 25 years, the fictional Warbury Warriors football club won't be closing down but is instead transferring to IPC's weekly men's magazine Nuts. Events at Warbury have taken a decidedly new turn, with the ailing club rescued by the Arab billionaire Sheikh Mustapha Futti Kulub. Dodgy gags aside, we're looking forward to following Striker as its creators also attempt to make it into a movie and TV series.


The new Argos logo

What's with the recent logo and packaging redesigns that are supposed to look contemporary but would actually look out of place on the set of Abigail's Party? First, Sainsbury's Be Good To Yourself and now Argos. Apparently, the retailer has created the new image to "modernise" perceptions of the store. Modernise? How exactly does sickly red and 70s bubbly font make anything modern? And the underline smile is the cheesy topping better-suited to a tube of toothpaste.