MEDIA: THREESIXTY - AN EXPERT'S VIEW. Claire Beale feels both hip and sensible while flicking through H Bauer's latest title, Threesixty

I used to buy a coffee table of magazines every month. Hard to believe I had the time to read them all. Even harder now to see why I wanted to.

Did I ever really spend hours with articles on cellulite and sexual warfare? Perhaps they made me the woman I am today. But the woman I am today has no time, energy or need for such advice.

Day-dreaming about domesticity is my new escapism. So I buy Living etc and Elle Decoration. Sometimes. Just for a quick flick. Or Junior magazine for toddler things. And I never thought I'd ever say this, but I devour Good Housekeeping. Perhaps buying Vanity Fair recoups my credibility: it's full of proper journalism.

I still think of myself as young, hip and free. But it's almost impossible to find a magazine that makes me feel like this while providing the vital reviews of washing machines, the latest (affordable) fashions, exotic holiday details (with kids) and where to buy my second home (see, I still have fantasies).

But Threesixtyo could well make it on to my select magazine shopping list. Despite my day job, I knew nothing about this magazine when I spotted it on the newsstand. And there was no editorial introduction to tell me what was in store. But I bought it anyway. Hell, the promise on the cover of the chance to "Escape from the pressures of everyday life" is pure seduction, thirtysomething style.

The content is a bit like all the fun bits you find at the back of the Sunday supplements, once you've ploughed through the dry columnists and the worthy news feature on somewhere you've never heard of.

There's interiors, holidays, food and drink. The bit most obviously missing is the fashion, but I'd guess this magazine will appeal to both men and women for whom personal style is pretty well honed: they know what suits and where to buy, so Threesixtyo offers just a little on the extras such as handbags or the latest Marc Jacobs collection for Louis Vuitton.

So in the first issue of this new quarterly there were features on Havana, home-swap holidays, where to find the best Bloody Mary, fit food, homes by the waterside, board games. And the out-and-about section at the back was a useful roll call of where to go, what to see over the coming months, all with a healthy dose of realism.

Many of the items are dip-in, dip-out and the design, though lively, is also a little clumsy at times; a few more signposts would help readers navigate the busy editorial.

All in all, though, it's a tasty, eclectic mix held together by an overarching sense that these are the little luxuries in life that you damn well deserve after the day/week/month/year you've had. Treat yourself. I think I will again.

- Claire Beale, Campaign's acting editor, is a veteran of treating herself, in a bid to escape the pressures of everyday life.

Publisher: H Bauer

Frequency: Quarterly

Cover price: £3.95

Full-page ad rate: £7,250

Initial print run: 160,000

Advertisers include: Jaguar, British Airways, Land Rover, Carte Noir,

Neff, Filippo Berio