Client: Walkers Doritos Agency: The Media Centre Buyer: Steve Bignell

Client: Walkers Doritos

Agency: The Media Centre

Buyer: Steve Bignell

Client: Woolwich Building Soc

Agency: The Network

Buyer: Rory Lindsay

Client: Virgin Radio

Agency: CIA Medianetwork

Buyer: Richie Dahill

Programme: TFI Friday

Date: 16 February, 18.00

Break transmission time: 18.20

Channel: Channel 4 (London)

BARB: 3 16-24s (live)

The Channel 4 programme, TFI Friday, didn’t face much opposition in

terms of scheduling - local news on ITV and BBC1 and the Munsters on

BBC2 - but it still managed to pull in a crop of major advertisers eager

to catch a traditionally light TV audience of 16- to 34-year-olds.

Not surprisingly, it was the ‘Chris Evans factor’ that proved

irresistible. The programme’s first break featured four national

advertisers: Walkers (Doritos), the Woolwich Building Society, Virgin

Radio and EMI Records.

Each was chasing the same thing: elusive young adults lured in by the

ubiquitous Evans and an impressive line-up of major bands.

For Woolwich, it was a matter of adding a younger element to its normal

ABC1 adult schedule.

Virgin Radio saw it as a perfect opportunity to have a go at Evans,

while targeting its demographic of 16- to 34-year-old men.

EMI Records initially bought the slot to promote the indie album, Best

Album in the World Ever, but was kicked off the schedule the day before

because of a clash with the programme’s artists. In the event, it

slotted in an ad for the dance compilation, In the Mix 96, which was a

perfect fit with the young, music-themed environment.

Walkers was chasing the same fashion-conscious crowd.