Client: Adidas Agency: AMV BBDO Buyer: Tom Gueterbock

Client: Adidas

Agency: AMV BBDO

Buyer: Tom Gueterbock

Client: Coca-Cola

Agency: Universal McCann

Buyer: Jon Clarke

Client: Mars

Agency: Zenith

Buyer: Simon Cross

Programme: Euro 96 final

TV station: LWT

Date: 30 June, 19.00

Break transmission time: 19.45

Barb: 6.2 ABC1 adult ratings (live)

The final of Euro 96 was never going to be quite the occasion it could

have been with England knocked out in the semi-finals, and for ITV the

match was never going to be particularly good news with a simultaneous

broadcast on BBC.

The BBC won the ratings war with more than 80 per cent of the 6.5

million audience.

There were seven advertisers fighting it out in ITV’s centre break:

Adidas, Coca-Cola, the movie, Cable Guy, Fuji, a Euro 96 sponsors ad,

the Ford Probe and Mars’s Snickers bar.

For Adidas the view was very much you pay for what you get and while the

numbers were not going to be great it was still worth being in the

break. For Coca-Cola, the largest sponsor of Euro 96, it was a case of

continuing its theme of supporting football and supporting the fans even

in the final.

Snickers, again as a major sponsor, followed through its role by

appearing in every game from first to last. Fuji was another official

sponsor and ran its ads starring Ryan Giggs. Although the final on ITV

achieved 6.2 ABC1 adults, it was better than the 5 Fuji had expected,

making it - in terms of pure audience - one of the better spots in the

last month.