Client: Vauxhall Agency: Lowe Howard-Spink Buyer: Danny Goldman

Client: Vauxhall

Agency: Lowe Howard-Spink

Buyer: Danny Goldman

Client: Courage (Holsten Pils)

Agency: The Media Centre

Buyer: Daren Rubins

Client: Dunlop Tyres

Agency: AMV/BBDO

Buyer: John Harlow

Programme: SAS - A Soldier’s Story

TV Station: ITV Carlton

Date: 30 May, 21.00

Break transmission time: 21.20

Barb: 12 ABC1

Poor old ITV. Ratings are slipping, programming is under attack and the

sniping has started in earnest. Hooray then for SAS - A Soldier’s Story,

which began last week and has injected some much-needed excitement into

the early summer schedule. Four advertisers jostled for reflected glory

in the first programme break: Vauxhall, Courage, Dunlop Tyres and


Vauxhall topped and tailed the slot, continuing its buying strategy of

being first in break in a new series, as well as its trend of popping up

in differing programmes.

The opening ad was for Vauxhall’s 50/50 offer and windfall payment plan,

while the tail-end spot was the Vauxhall Astra.

The programme provided an ideal environment for all four advertisers,

being not only a ratings winner but offering an upmarket profile with a

slightly male bias to boot. There was also the added appeal of a really

exciting programme which viewers were likely to get involved with.

SmithKline Beecham placed Lucozade Energy simply because it has worked

on the slot as a network spot in order to build cover for the brand.