Client: Wrigleys Dental Care Agency: CIA Medianetwork Buyer: Matt Holmes

Client: Wrigleys Dental Care

Agency: CIA Medianetwork

Buyer: Matt Holmes

Client: Martini

Agency: Universal McCann

Buyer: Paul Gidley

Client: Peugeot

Agency: Mediastar

Buyer: Joan Broadhead

Programme: American Gothic

TV station: Channel 4

Date: 5 June, 22.00

Break transmission time: 22.20

Barb: 7.8 16-34 year olds

Wednesday night’s late spot on Channel 4 is popular with advertisers

chasing the 18 to 34 market.

The latest entrant to this schedule is American Gothic, replacing the

blood, guts and emotional sensitivity of ER. The hotly trailed American

Gothic is being billed by Channel 4 as a cross between Twin Peaks and

Northern Exposure, and sounds like it has the profile to continue to

attract a young, up-market audience.

Six advertisers fought it out during the first break: the Times, the New

Zealand Tourist Office, Wrigley’s Dental Care, Martini, Johnson Suncare

and Peugeot.

The beautiful people’s drink, Martini, believes that its target audience

opts for this offbeat kind of programming. For the Times the slot has

been good at delivering a young, upmarket niche audience. While Wrigleys

Dental Care sees the spot as worth taking a chance on as it has

traditionally performed well. On top of this, the competition was poor

with a movie repeat and a nature show on the BBC, and ITV’s News at


For Peugeot, whose target market is upmarket men, the slot in a new show

was a gamble, but one likely to deliver the 25- to 44-year-old age group

it was after.