Client: Kit-e-Kat Agency: Zenith Buyer: Lau Kung

Client: Kit-e-Kat

Agency: Zenith

Buyer: Lau Kung

Client: Nivea

Agency: TMD Carat

Buyer: Helen Wallace-Edwards

Client: Lockets

Agency: Zenith

Buyer: Simon Cross

Programme: Band of Gold

TV station: ITV Central

Date: 3 March, 21.00

Break transmission time: 21.20

BARB: 15 ABC1 adults (live)

Incredibly popular when it debuted last year, the question was whether

Band of Gold could sustain similar ratings second time around. The hype

enticed many advertisers, and seven of them squeezed into the opening

break in the first episode of the new series: Fiat, Ronseal, Birds Eye,

Kit-e-Kat, Lockets, Nivea and Walkers.

Their instincts appear to have been right, as overnight BARBs indicate

that it held up well against its main competition, the Sculptress over

on BBC1.

The appeal of Band of Gold was simple: a high-rating Sunday theatre spot

which could also serve as a coverage builder. For Fiat, the prime

motivator was the lure of a high-profile slot. Meanwhile, Walkers

decided the programme was perfect to launch its ‘Tazo’ collecting game

to its secondary audience of adults. Tazo is aimed at children, but

Walkers is hoping that adults will be attracted by the chance to win

pounds 100,000. Ronseal was after men watching with their partners, and

for Nivea, a quality drama showing women in control of their lives was

the perfect place to catch ABC1 female viewers. Kit-e-Kat too was

chasing women - this time housewives with kids - and cats, presumably.