Client: Yakult Agency: CDP Media Buyer: Tony Whyberd

Client: Yakult

Agency: CDP Media

Buyer: Tony Whyberd

Client: Vauxhall Corsa

Agency: Lowe Howard-Spink

Buyer: Danny Goldman

Client: Budweiser

Agency: BMP

Buyer: Peter Belkin

Programme: All You Need is Love

TV Station: ITV London

Date: 10 April, 20.00

Break transmission time: 20.20

BARB: 8 adult TVRs (live)

Oh dear. There were red faces after ITV’s screening of the latest Anthea

Turner vehicle, All You Need is Love, last Wednesday.

Designed to celebrate the joys of love and relationships, the pilot

programme was vilified. The DJ, Chris Evans, was moved to describe the

show as ‘the biggest pile of defecation that’s ever been on British


The advertisers in the first ad break in the London region were Vauxhall

Corsa, Kellogg’s, Yakult, Wall’s Sausages and Budweiser.

One buyer who used the break said: ‘It was the worst programme in the

history of mankind, it even looked crap on paper.’ So why did TV buyers

use it for their clients’ brands? Some cited that Anthea Turner’s

popularity would probably ensure reasonable audiences.

Yakult, a health drink targeting primarily ABC1 women, was aiming for

500 ratings over a short period of time using Carlton and Channel 4 in

London and the show promised to be a bit different.

For Vauxhall, the show mirrored the Corsa ad’s theme of car-love, while

the show looked likely to attract Kellogg’s Special K’s secondary market

- 25- to 44-year-old women. And for Budweiser? BMP declined to comment.