Client: Wrangler Agency: CIA Medianetwork Buyer: Mike Taylor

Client: Wrangler

Agency: CIA Medianetwork

Buyer: Mike Taylor

Client: AA Insurance

Agency: Zenith Media

Buyer: Amanda Mould

Client: Bacardi Spice

Agency: Universal McCann

Buyer: Paul Gidley

Prog: Space: Above and Beyond

TV station: Sky One

Date: 13 March, 20:00

Break transmission time: 20:13

BARB: 6 adult TVRs (live)

The producers of the X-Files are hoping to repeat their success on the

off-beat sci-fi front with a new series called Space: Above and Beyond.

A two-hour pilot last Wednesday on Sky One took a 40 per cent share of

the satellite audience.

Surprisingly, given its macho build-up, the programme attracted a lot of

advertisers seeking ABC1 women. Boots No 7, Neutrogena, Domestos,

Wrangler Jeans, Cadbury’s Roses, AA Insurance, McDonald’s and Bacardi

Spice all lined up in the first break.

Neutrogena chose the show because it was a pilot, which, according to

BMP Solutions in Media, is a good way to pick up ABC1 women. Boots No 7

was after 25- to 44-year-old women, while Bacardi Spice chose it to

reach the lads.

For AA Insurance it was the likely youthful audience skew that was the

draw, offering the AA a way of expanding its traditional older, upmarket

customer base.

CIA Medianetwork chose the show for Wrangler because of the promise that

it would match the X-Files for quality and cult status and for the 20-

something audience it was likely to attract. That same promise also drew

McDonald’s and Domestos to the show.