Client: BMW Agency: WCRS Buyer: Peter Bennett

Client: BMW

Agency: WCRS

Buyer: Peter Bennett

Client: Cellnet

Agency: IDK

Buyer: Martin Allison

Client: British Gas

Agency: BMP DDB

Buyer: Andrew Walmsley

Programme: Drop the Dead Donkey

TV station: Channel 4

Date: 15 October, 22.00

Break transmission time: 22.15

Barb: 9.6 ABC1 Housewives

TVRs (live)

Drop the Dead Donkey is Channel 4’s home-grown alternative comedy

series, set in a chaotic newsroom, where no-one seems to actually do any

real work (mmm, sounds familiar...).

The last series was a highpoint of Channel 4’s schedule and now it’s

back, but transmitting on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. Most buyers

seemed to think this was a good idea and an impressive seven advertisers

squeezed into the first break: BMW, Visa Delta, Cellnet, McDonald’s,

Finish, British Gas and Entertainment Films.

For BMW, the appeal was a quality programme which again scored as one of

Channel 4’s highest rated of the week. Cellnet was also pleased with the

quality environment and was particularly attracted by the ABC audience

of light viewers that tuned in.

For British Gas, the appeal again was a high-rating programme with an

excellent conversion to ABC1 adults. Moreover, the Mrs Merton figure

used in the current campaign tied in well with the comedy element of the

show. The others were equally keen to capture traditionally light

viewers who had made an appointment to view.