Client: Sprite Agency: Universal McCann Buyer: Rhys McLachlan

Client: Sprite

Agency: Universal McCann

Buyer: Rhys McLachlan

Client: Polygram

Agency: The Media Business

Buyer: Paul Jackson

Client: Barclaycard

Agency: BMP DDB

Buyer: Jonathan Allan

Programme: Withnail and I

TV station: Channel 4 North

Date: 18 July, 22.00

Break transmission time: 22.20

Barb: 3.8 16-34 adults rating (live)

Sometimes a series idea that makes sense to programme makers doesn’t

quite hang together from the point of view of media buyers. Take Channel

4’s HandMade in Britain series, which features a run of movies by

HandMade Films. The idea that films made by the same company thread

together in the mind of the viewer is an odd one.

So, buyers had to be sharp to spot a real gem at 10pm last Thursday.

With the hype surrounding the tenth anniversary of its making and its

recent re-release at the cinema, Withnail and I promised great things

for advertisers chasing young, upmarket viewers.

In Channel 4’s North region, four spots made it into the first break.

Sprite sought 16- to 34-year-olds, while Polygram’s No. 1 80s Hits album

was chasing the older end of that age group - people who had seen the

film when it first came out. It went third in the break after

Barclaycard, which considered the film to be attractive to a young

audience. Last in the break was the Citroen Faxo.

The 3.8 16-34 adult rating was satisfactory, but not spectacular. A 4.9

ABC1 rating for the slot indicates that the audience was skewed towards

the upmarket end.