Media Week 30 under 30: Lucy Daramola, Kinetic

What’s something every media industry person should do before they’re 30?

Step out of your comfort zone and learn as much as you can along the way. Be prepared to take calculated risks and embrace change. In order to grow and develop new skills, you have to be willing to adapt to change and identify new opportunities. Challenge briefs with confidence and don’t be afraid to explore untouched avenues. Aim high, think BIG and remember: failure doesn't exist.

If you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

I would bring a caravan / mobile home that has the ability to float on water! This would protect me from unpredictable weather conditions, allow me to sleep comfortably and provide a sufficient water supply. I would also use the caravan as a boat to ensure that I could safely escape off of the island if needed. Most modern caravans are equipped with a generator, kitchen area, bed, toilet and shower; the essentials that I would need to survive on a desert island.



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