Media Week 30 under 30: Sophy Part, OMD

What’s something every media industry person should do before they’re 30?

 Every media industry person should do something bold before they’re 30. There is so much to learn and so many complexities in this industry that it can be daunting to speak up when you have a new idea. If no one challenges the status quo, then nothing new or exceptional will happen. We won’t break new ground and make real advancements for our clients unless we are bold enough to try something new. Being bold comes with the risk of failing. Let’s make mistakes! If we can fail faster and move on then we can learn from our mistakes and hopefully create something brilliant.

If you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would you choose and why?


I would take the band The Rolling Stones with me to the desert island as they would be fantastic company in so many ways. Imagine them putting on island concerts amongst the palm trees just for me! Then when they’re having some downtime, we could sit around the campfire for show and tell. Actually maybe just tell – they’re getting a bit old now! I would love to hear first-hand about all of their outrageous stories, spanning the decades since the 1960s. There is also a savagely practical element to inviting The Rolling Stones to the desert island… as they’re all getting quite old now… they might not last that long… so I’ll be able to eat them when they go…



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