Media Week 30 under 30: Steve Richards, MEC

In your opinion, what’s something every media industry person should do before they’re 30?

I really think you have to make something with your peers … I’ll explain myself.

I don’t think you can name another industry with such great people to work with, at all levels, but especially the group under 30. Therefore I believe it’s really important to step out of the day-to-day and common distractions to focus on a new project or idea with your peer group. Whether that’s starting your own innovation team, doing a hackathon or just carving out some spare time to collaborate with someone in a different department, there is nothing more rewarding than cracking a brief or coming up with a fresh approach to a business challenge.

So I’m thoroughly recommend everyone (especially those under 30) puts their out of office on once in a while pushes that media plan out of the way and tries to crack some of the challenges our clients face with their peers!

If you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

Oh, it has to be sun cream … I burn easily!


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