Media Week 30 under 30: Vaida Ska, Manning Gottlieb OMD

What’s something every media industry person should do before they’re 30?

I still have a couple of years to go before I’m hitting the big 3-0, but there are some key lessons that really helped me to enjoy my job and be good at it:

-          Become the most absorbent sponge you possibly can

-          Enjoy the perks the industry can provide

It’s extremely important to be inquisitive and open-minded in your twenties and suck in as much information, knowledge and experience as possible. We live in an information age where learnings are all around us, you need to grab them with both hands and often ask why. Try new things, challenge status quo. Sometimes it will work, but most likely, it will fail, but you learn more from your failures than successes. Twenties is a good time to fail, as the stakes are relatively low.

But remember to have fun as well - while it isn’t quite Mad Man – we should embrace it! So I would recommend attaining some embarrassing moments at media parties as quickly as possible and enjoy your fresh head the next morning as this will be on a sharp decline in the years to come. Be positive, your job comes with some amazing perks!

If you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

A solar powered data-roaming smartphone. It’s basically ruining the idea of a desert island forever – a simple check in on Facebook and everyone knows where I am. Beach legs’ spam!


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