Media Week Awards 2020: Agency Media Idea Over £1M

Media Week Awards 2020: Agency Media Idea Over £1M

McDonald’s Breakfast Extension

McDonald’s breakfast menu, featuring its classic bacon and sausage muffins, hash browns and pancakes with syrup, launched in 1982. But it wasn’t until last year that the fast food chain decided to extend its breakfast service by 30 minutes, from 10.30am to 11am. This was in response to growing competition from other breakfast providers, who were all serving until later in the morning.

To heighten awareness of the extended time, McDonald’s persuaded national radio stations to extend their breakfast shows until 11am, to mirror the new extended breakfast hours at McDonald’s. It partnered with four of Global Radio’s breakfast time shows, each of which extended their shows by one hour until 11am.

For six weeks, Radio X and Capital Xtra breakfast shows ran until 11am Monday to Friday, serving up an extra hour of music, guests and McDonald’s breakfast banter. On Heart and Capital, breakfast show presenters Jamie Theakston, Amanda Holden and Roman Kemp ‘invaded’ the mid-morning shows for an hour.

There was an uplift in breakfast sales over the course of the campaign. Judges agreed that the work was "simple but effective", "led by a smart media idea" and "a clever way of driving home" a key change in McDonald’s business.

Just Eat
Doing It Doggy Style: Serving Up Just Eat Joy

Just Eat’s playful jingle, “Did Somebody Say…” needed a refresh. Tracking showed that it was testing people’s patience and becoming annoying. Just Eat needed to turn this negative into a positive and also increase its appeal among a younger and more urban audience.

The resulting campaign featured the jingle remixed with Snoop Dog, and was launched during Covid-19, with Just Eat wanting to inject joy into a challenging time for many. The Snoop jingle ad was treated like a music release, and content featured the rapper in strange but comical TV placements like Hotel for Dogs, For the Love of Dogs and How to Keep Your Dog Happy At Home.

Costa Express: Rage Against the (Coffee) Machine

With research from Costa showing that seven out of ten UK coffee drinkers reject machine coffee, the brand needed to change perceptions about its vending machine coffee brand, Costa Express.

It delivered a sizeable sampling campaign by holding its first ever Free Coffee Day, across more than 8,000 machines, with every single machine, everywhere, free all day.

This was promoted across large-format print and digital out-of-home, press wraps, radio, social media and GPS-targeted environments such as Waze, the map app. The 24-hour period of Free Coffee Day saw more than 3.1 million cups distributed from the Express machines. Six weeks later, sales per machine had increased by seven cups per day.

Vizeum: Defying Christmas Home Shame, Ikea