Media Week Awards 2020: Media Collaboration - COVID-19

Media Week Awards 2020: Media Collaboration - COVID-19

Agencies:, Kinetic UK & Kinetic Ireland alongside Media Owners across the UK and Ireland
The people of the UK and Ireland
#MyHeroes: International Campaign to Celebrate Key Workers During the Pandemic

When lockdown came into force in the UK, the out-of-home industry was the hardest hit ad channel, prompting the sector to change from an advertising channel into a social channel for good.

The aim was to bring people’s voices out of their homes across the UK - while people couldn’t go out and express their gratitude for frontline workers, OOH would do the talking for them. Media owners came on board and the campaign went live in a week.

The creative celebrated the selfless people in our lives - those everyday heroes who, until the pandemic hit, were perhaps taken for granted. It was about putting a face to the people behind the institutions - to tell their story and celebrate them as individuals by lighting up the United Kingdom and Ireland with their faces. People were invited to tweet and nominate heroes and workers with their unique stories, which were then published.

As the people thanking their heroes were mostly unable to leave home to see their faces light up the screens, OOH was linked to social media in a reactive and dynamic way, via a bespoke content management system that was integrated with Twitter.

Judges commended the collaborative efforts and said the campaign drove meaningful messages to individuals to whom it meant the most.

Team Nation: Newspaper Industry & OmniGov
The UK Government
"All in, all together": News brands, OmniGov and UK government form partnership to help save lives and inform the nation

On 9 April 2020 Team Nation was born – a first-ever alliance between rival news industry publishers and Manning Gottlieb OMD’s OmniGov.

Just seven days later the biggest news brand campaign the UK has ever seen was launched with more than 600 national and local newspapers cover wrapping their papers, some for the first time, and taking over their websites with the same unified front page message. “Stay at home for the NHS, your family, your neighbours, your nation, the world and life itself.”

Delivering this “All in, all together” was a collaboration on a scale never seen across the news industry before. Team Nation has been instrumental in providing a powerful platform of trusted information for millions of people across the UK.

Channel 4
40 different brands and 20 different agencies

Channel 4 wanted to show its support for the #ClapForOurCarers initiative, giving it the national credibility and reach it deserved. It worked with over 40 clients, 20 media agencies and one production partner to produce an ad break celebrating frontline workers - all within 48 hours and in the midst of a global pandemic.

Brands taking part had to film their own employees across the country and deliver the footage to a tight set of production deadlines. 4Sales, the ad sales arm of Channel 4, worked on legal and compliance while production partner Sassy Films made the ad. The initiative succeeded in pulling the advertising industry together to celebrate the achievements of front-line workers.

BBC Studios: Doctor Who: Staying in the Tardis, Doctor Who
ITV and Essence with Saatchi & Saatchi: BT: Helping everyone stay connected in a crisis, BT
OMD UK and Spotify: Frontline Spotify for Dogs, Boehringer Ingelheim
Reach, Carat and The Story Lab: In Loving Memory, Co-op Funeral Care