Media Week Awards 2020: Media Owner Media Idea Launch

Media Week Awards 2020: Media Owner Media Idea Launch

Channel 4
40 different brands and 20 different agencies

Channel 4 wanted to show its support for #ClapForOurCarers, the national round of weekly applause for NHS workers that first took place a fortnight into lockdown in the UK.

It wanted to give the initiative the national credibility and reach it deserved. The concept was a full break takeover featuring Channel 4’s valued brand partners applauding the NHS, to air on Channel 4 following the first launch of the national round of applause. With just 48 hours to move from concept to launch, a rallying call went out to agencies and clients, with 40 brands via 20 agencies taking part.

The broadcaster's sales division, 4Sales, pulled together legal, compliance, traffic and marketing teams, turning round approvals and contracts on a scale never before seen – and all under lockdown. Production partner Sassy Films worked all hours creating the three-and-a-half minute break, which saw client logos added to all 40 applause clips, the #ClapForOurCarers hashtag imposed throughout and a Channel 4 thank-you message bookended.

The resulting ad set a world-record for the most advertisers in one single ad, as well as eliciting positive messages at a time when optimism was needed: 73% of people thought it was great to see brands doing their bit to help, while 72% were reminded that we are all in this together.

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