My Media Week: Bobi Carley, Disney
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My Media Week: Bobi Carley, Disney

This week Bobi Carley, UK commercial director, Disney, is busy locking down partnerships ahead of a summer of big film releases.


Mondays are always hard after a few days away. We have just had a wonderful week skiing in France with only small moments of humiliation now that I can’t keep up with the speed of my girls hurtling down the slopes.

A quick informal catch up with the team before my 9.30am interviewee arrives. We are looking for a new senior team member with a key focus on brand partnerships. It’s always great to see how many talented people work in our industry and we look forward to bringing someone on board soon. 

Following that Anita Luthra, our FMCG and auto partnership lead, have a positive meeting with a creative agency, where we discuss lots of potential leads working with brands within their portfolio. On to a joint session with ESPN and Maker Studios to discuss the annual IAB upfronts - it’s a key focus of mine to explore how we can work closer together with ESPN and Maker. I’m back with ESPN at the end of the day as we have the IAB in doing a joint session on viewability.

This evening, very unusually I get home to an empty house. My husband is taking our girls to meet my parents who will be looking after them for the week… peace.


Have the luxury of setting my alarm clock half an hour later with no children to deal with. Tuesday morning brings our regular partnership status meeting. We have a number of big movies - Jungle BookAlice Through the Looking Glass, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, Pixar’s Finding Dory - coming up in the next few weeks and months, and all have some great partnerships need locking down. Disney’s latest animation, Zootropolis, has not only been a huge success at the box office (over £19 million in the UK and counting) but we have also seen some great results coming in from our Zootropolis collaborations with Clarks and O2.

Next a meeting on DisneyLife, our new digital membership service which offers all the best Disney entertainment in one place. Deborah Bryant in our team is coordinating the partnerships for this and she takes me through the latest strategy document as well as giving a quick update on her recent pitch for a client to work with us on our new West End show Aladdin, which launches in June.   

This evening, I’m out at the O2 to see Adele. I wouldn’t have called myself a fan beforehand but I came away in awe of her - such an incredibly talented yet humble person, and only 27-years-old! 


Another interview first thing before going to our Q3 forecast meeting. We are in a good place so the finance team are happy.

Then off to meet with Disney’s vice president of digital – there is so much development going on in this space at Disney, and we are working very closely with the digital team to ensure we have the right commercial model around this ecosystem. Grab lunch and remember to go and pay my Disney Triathlon fee. It’s a great event that Disney entered several teams in last year. I am once again cowardly sticking to just the cycling leg. 

Next a meet with the ad sales team where we have a great pitch led by our regional team with a music vlogger concept across our Disney Channel platforms. Then I’m off into town to meet a client regarding our healthy living commitment, an interesting chat about Disney Magic Bands and the incredible tech behind them. Stay in town and catch up on emails before a great dinner with the O2 team who partnered with us on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Breakfast with Dean Weller from Generation - as always a very interesting catch up on the market and everything else besides. Back for a meeting regarding a loyalty scheme program we are pulling together for a client. Quick finance meet then onto a quarterly Digital meeting with presentations from several of the Disney Interactive team.

Next, Toby Roberts from my team and I head into town to meet MediaCom for lunch and a very progressive meeting with their senior team. This evening, date night with my hubby, off to Barons Court theatre for an "Invitation to a Beheading". A good evening but think we both would have preferred to have flopped on the sofa.


Penultimate interview of the week and another good debate about the value of IP and success metrics of partnerships and promotions, both hot topics for our team at Disney. Then off to a client co-creation workshop brilliantly run by Fuse, a great four hours exploring the potential opportunities for our brands to work together. Left on a high, it was a really energetic, positive session. Another interview and then a final meet to discuss people and recruitment.

I should have already left to pick up my three girls from my parents in Norfolk; finally set off from Hammersmith, ringing my mum to apologize for being over two hours late! Children collected (that felt like a very quick four days away), thrown into bed with their clothes on and hoorah it’s the weekend!


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