A view from Arif Durrani

Media Week celebrates 30 years in style

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend Media Week's 30th anniversary celebrations last week and also to our wider support of well-wishers.

The night was a great celebration of a thriving business sector, with a good mix of the many people who have helped shape it and today’s leaders who have since picked up the baton.

More than 230 leaders were able to join us including more than 40 commercial directors, 24 chief executives, 22 managing directors, nine owners, four worldwide chief executives and four chairs. In addition, also present were five previous editors - including launch editor Tim Brooks - and three past owners of Media Week.

That Media Week has helped chart the rise and falls of our vibrant media business for an entire generation is no mean feat. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since 1985, and things move fast in the media world. However, at its core somethings really do remain the same.

Even in today’s plugged in, programmatically enabled world, media remains, at its core, a people business. It was a testament to the nature of the industry that our own little milestone was celebrated with such enthusiasm and in large numbers, with many more wanting to attend.

Editorially, Media Week – boosted by its alignment with Campaign – continues to set the agenda and take the temperature of the UK’s media scene like no other publication around.

Online, MediaWeek has evolved its remit as the place for industry news and research to also become a forum for debate and agenda-setting thought leadership. It now attracts record highs of 180,000 unique users per month.

Its remit has also extended to include a successful events and awards business. The annual Media Week Awards is the industry's showstopper event that plays a vital role as the national showcase for the best work and most innovative talent. Its annual Media360 event has also gone from strength to strength to become Haymarket's biggest business to business event.

It's been a privilege to be the editor of MediaWeek for the past three years, I'm proud of what we've been able to achieve. Thank you all for your support. Here's to the next 30.

Arif Durrani is editor of Media Week and head of media for Campaign