My Media Week: Matt Teeman, Primesight
A view from Matt Teeman

My Media Week: Matt Teeman, Primesight

Matt Teeman celebrates retaining the Network Rail contract and marks one year since being offered the post of managing director at Primesight.


Like most people I’m sure Mondays are a fairly prescribed affair, although thanks largely to last week being interrupted with a number of indulgent summer events, this week is peppered with a few additional meetings.

The first win of the week is a 6am visit to the gym, which is always touch and go, but it feels good, even if my body on the short walk there is asking me "why?" (the answer to that will be all the more apparent if you choose to read on).

The journey to Percy Street is consumed with my usual flit between Metro, email, diary, text, people watching and time observation.

Once into the office at 8.30am I am ready for the week’s first meeting at 9am – our weekly sales meeting chaired by the ever energetic and witty head of trading, Tim de Monte. He’s the equivalent of a human Berocca, just the tonic for the start of the week.

As always, the 60-odd Primesight salesforce who join are crystal clear as to what needs to be achieved in the next five days.

I leave before the end to join a call with our PR agency MWWPR, who since we appointed at the start of the year, have been nothing short of fantastic. I leave the call satisfied that H2 plans are clear and on track.

Ahead of the 11am exec meeting I just have time to check in with operations and procurement manager Jenny Douglass, one of our rising stars – pleased to see her plans are as comprehensive as usual.

The exec meeting is always a concise affair chaired by my boss and Primesight CEO, Naren Patel. His ability to move quickly to the important points is infectious and we’re all relieved there’s always enough time before lunch appointments to get our own houses in order for the week ahead.

Lunch is at Roka, where Naren and I spend an interesting and entertaining two hours with Danni Murray, VP at Warner Bros. Entertainment, who chooses well for us and talks excitedly about his upcoming film release Dunkirk, as well as the power of the classic 96 sheet. Music to our ears of course.

No time to head back to the office as I have arranged to meet Mark Adams from Kinetic at Proctor Street to show him our latest InLink. It gets a major thumbs up and we walk back discussing future plans and the opportunities the InLinkUK roll-out brings.

A quick meeting with Sarah Parkes our Airports MD is cut short to join a call with Dave Etherington. Dave, an old BBC colleague and friend, heads up strategy for Intersection, one of our InLinkUK joint venture partners in the US.


Over breakfast, I chew the fat on the ever-changing face of OOH with Nick Parker, Kinetic’s global chief investment officer, before I’m joined by Rachel Bristow from Sky to catch up on the status of this year’s Media Business Course.

As co-chairs for the next two years, plans have been well developed with the help of a brilliant committee – they’ve lined up yet another impressive set of speakers including Karen Blackett, Richard Eyre and Rory Sutherland.

A quick trip to the office precedes a rather soggy lunch with James Rodham from Rapport. James is one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic people I’ve met since I joined the OOH sector and never fails to share some interesting insight or opinion.

As we walk back, news of our recent retention of the Network Rail contract (the UK’s largest roadside estate) has hit the trade media so I’m met with a few congratulatory messages, which are of course very welcome.

My afternoon is split between some revealing facts from a recent Kinetic survey and a quick chat with Jonathan Durden with whom I’m exploring a possible collaboration. I’d love to sit with him for longer, but I’ve promised myself I’d get a boxing session in before I head off to the AA Summer Party.

Yes, I’ve got three months to prepare for Media Fight Night, which at the time of accepting felt like a great idea, but it’s already consuming any spare time I have (hence those early Monday morning gym visits).


The start of the day is somewhat rushed, but always great to see Gill Reid from MediaCom and we’re able to catch up on exciting developments regarding InLinkUK launch partners – news to follow.

A quick catch-up with Posterscope’s MD Glen Wilson is always welcome, followed by a trading review at Talon with Adrian Skelton and Charlie Goldring – two more new contacts I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know.

The afternoon is an internal affair, the highlight being the launch of our company conference, which goes down very well. This year we’ve teamed up with Media Trust to fight homelessness – a cause I’m passionate about.

With the office buzzing at the prospect of a few days on an Essex island and a festival chic theme, I leave for my daughter Betty’s parents’ evening, which again I’m pleased to say is all good news.


Up early to run and prep for another eclectic day. The morning is taken up with the monthly management accounts and a call with Terry Dyer, our development director, to discuss our digital conversion plan for the remainder of 2017.

Lunch is with Vik Krishna, a partner from GMT, our private equity owners – it’s always fascinating to hear his excitable take on the investor side of the market. I then head to Regent’s Park to join the company for our annual summer party – a traditional sports day theme, which is great fun and sees me taking part in a wheelbarrow race for the first time in a few years.


The end of the week is nigh and after a few calls I load the car up to head to Latitude Festival with my two sons Oscar and Harvey for what I’m sure will be a lot of fun. It’s the third time we’ve been together and I’m looking forward to meeting up with a collection of friends in the Suffolk countryside for the next few days.

Coincidentally it was exactly this day last year that I received a call from Naren to offer me the job, so something to celebrate too.

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