My Media Week: Scott Nelson, Viber
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My Media Week: Scott Nelson, Viber

We join Scott Nelson, head of North America at mobile messaging app Viber, as he collaborates on content with Buzzfeed and welcomes brands onto Viber’s Public Chat platform. 


Not only is it my dad’s birthday, but it is also Opening Day here in Boston, which means the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway later today. There is lots of excitement in the city and it’s crowded with people from around the globe. The Boston Marathon is one week from today as well.

I start the work day with a call with our social media agency, Laundry Service, and some colleagues in Tel Aviv.  Laundry Service is a really smart, creative agency based in NYC who we hired almost a year ago.  

We discuss this month’s editorial calendar as well as an exciting summer social project around the college/university travel scene.  Following the call, I have two interviews lined up with potential candidates for our brand partnerships manager role, and then a follow-up call with our Tel Aviv team regarding Q2 plans. 

As the head of North America, I have a great deal of interaction with not only the Tel Aviv team (Viber HQ) but also with our parent company, Rakuten.  Everything is done on Viber…beautiful!

Now it’s time for baseball, I leave the office and to go to Fenway to take in this Opening Day tradition.  I take lots of pictures and other content and share them across Viber, especially in our Purple Group Public Chat, which has more than 17 million followers.  I end the day with a beer with my close friend and former boss, Geoff Cottrill, who recently left Converse after eight years as chief marketing officer.


A crisp morning run along the Charles River is always a great way to start the day.   At the office, I interview a candidate for our office manager role and then step into a day of calls….and more calls. 

I speak with the team at AEG about a music programme we have been developing with them.  They run a lot of the big music festivals here in the States, and are in general a great partner when trying to activate in the music space.  

Then I hop on a call with some exciting guys that run the very hot and popular Instagram account "F&@ck Jerry".  They are keen to get on our Public Chats platform and so we brainstorm a few ideas.  

I speak with the head of marketing at an interesting company called YouNow, then follow with a team call with Buzzfeed.  I enjoy the Buzzfeed team; they are very creative and collaborative. We are building a cool content partnership with them. 

The day comes to an end with a dinner at our favorite Boston Innovation District restaurant, Trade.  Our PR manager is moving back home to be closer to her family so we have a send off dinner for her…it’s tough when you lose a formidable employee, but family always comes first in my book.


My team is at the ALS Therapy Development Institute (TDI) offices in Cambridge to discuss ways to deepen our partnership.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Public Chat has more than 1.6 million followers.  It is such a great cause for a horrible disease.  

Back at the office, I meet with a local agency that has pitched us a pretty cool emerging college music idea, followed by a call with some of our Tel Aviv product team regarding some new introductions we have on the roadmap.

I speak with the marketing head for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are keen to get involved in the mobile messaging app space, and see our Public Chat platform as a great ways to offer a deeper experience to their fan base.  

The Jags are one of many NFL teams calling on Viber, but this team is very digital focused and doing some of the more innovative things in the NFL, so they would make a good partner.  I believe they will be playing a game in the UK this coming season too.  I then have our weekly call with our PR agency, Allison + Partners, where we discuss a pretty major version update coming next week. 

Late afternoon consists of more candidate interviews, and a call with Complex Magazine, which has a pretty cool Olympics related content idea to discuss with us. 

Time to leave work for the baseball diamond.  I coach my son’s Little League baseball team and it is a lot of fun.  We are defending champs, too, so no pressure!  For us, it’s practice, dinner, homework then lights out.


Early, early morning run followed by school drop-off for my kids. 

Lots of meetings today, both conference calls and at the office, and a lunch with a prospective brand looking to get into the sticker game.  I speak with the Tel Aviv team to review some forecasting goals and overall updates, and then have a very enjoyable call with the Huffington Post team who we will be working with on a content partnership around the US election.  

More interviews, then some ‘down time’ to work on a business deck for a particular strategic partnership.   End the day with a call with the ‘Red Nose Day’ people, a great effort and cause marketing campaign that we will likely get behind with a paid Viber sticker pack, where proceeds go towards the Foundation.

Early dinner, then I write a post for my site, the lifestyle voice for today’s modern dad. 


We are just now kicking off a pretty large college/university effort. There will be many exciting elements and activations, but for now, we will keep it under wraps

Nonetheless, I spend two hours with the local partner going over schedules, partnerships and other program related elements.  I then work on a deck with the team around a Viber Out initiative we will be launching in late Q2.  A few more calls in the afternoon, a team status, and the day is over.

It has been a long, productive week.  Now I need a haircut, so I go get one - it turns out nice. Our first baseball game is tomorrow morning so an early night is in order for all. 


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