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American Express creates very latest in menacing yet impressive status symbols

As you reach that time in the year when you daydream about the sort of expenses claim you'd be making if you'd had a couple of evenings out on La Croisette (instead of putting all your creativity into the task in hand), it's also worth speculating on why you don't yet have a Centurion card. Because, status seekers, the bar has just been raised. Forget gold and platinum, this one is a mean-looking black. American Express has been issuing Centurion cards for five years now in the US but recently the record purchase was made using a Centurion (believed to be a $50 million yacht). And Amex is now offering the card across Europe and is launching a customer magazine for users. So far, we know of only one person in the UK advertising industry who definitely has one. (Yes, Steve, that's you we're talking about.) So please be impressed if he decides to whip it out.

The card: Centurion.

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