MEDIA: ZEITGEIST - British architecture is cool as displayed by the Foreign Office exhibition at the ICA

Despite the odds being stacked against it (an innate cultural cautiousness, an obsession with conservation, Prince Charles), British architecture is currently really hot.

Two weeks ago, planning permission was given for the construction of the "Shard of Glass", a slender pyramid (or spike if you prefer) of a building on the South Bank near London Bridge that will become Europe's tallest building. Back in September, the new Selfridges building in Birmingham, by the architects Future System, wowed the world.

So this exhibition of the work of Foreign Office Architects - another cool (the coolest in the world, according to The Times) British architecture company - is timely. And Foreign Office Architects have been in the news several times over the past few weeks. They will take a lead role in developing the master plan for London's bid for the Olympics in 2012 and they have just been appointed as the architects on the BBC's new Music Centre at White City.

The exhibition: Breeding Architecture

Architects: Foreign Office Architects

The venue: The ICA

Until: 29 February 2004

Admission: An economically attractive £1.50