MEDIA: ZEITGEIST - Canon has made its classic Rebel into a digital camera while retaining SLR function

The Rebel has gone digital. Canon's classic camera, the first to bring sophisticated SLR performance to a mainstream market, has joined the 21st century with a high-resolution (6.3 million pixels) digital model.

The Digital Rebel (in Europe it has the catchy brand name of the EOS-300D) offers the cleverest idiot-proofing around with an uncluttered viewfinder and a wide area autofocus.

It also allows would-be professionals to twiddle all the knobs themselves, while offering advanced gizmo options such as a system giving different exposures on different parts of the image. Its displays and controls are neatly arranged too.

You can download pictures to PCs (ZoomBrowser) or even - for those of you who still insist - to Macs (Image Browser).

It's also (reasonably) cheap and Canon claims it's the most important development in SLR photography since the company was the first to put microprocessors in cameras back in 1976.

You decide.

The camera: Digital Rebel, also known as the Canon EOS-300D

Available: Not universally as yet - as always the internet is a good idea

The price: Lens-less body only, around £700.