Media: Zeitgeist - Coen brothers turn to Ealing comedies for inspiration as Hollywood looks for a story

Hollywood has never been above remaking a classic and has recently taken to trawling the quaint backwater that is 50s and 60s British cinema for inspiration.

This is a turn-up for the books - traditionally, Hollywood has regarded Britain as, at best, a place to hold casting sessions for pantomime-style Alan Rickman-type villains. Recently, though, we've had remakes of The Italian Job and Sly Stallone's woeful version of Get Carter.

Now, the Coen brothers have decided to delve even further back into our cultural heritage with a remake of one of the most endearing Ealing comedies, The Ladykillers.

Only shame is that they all, in their different ways, seem to have missed the odd nuance in the originals they seek to emulate. Never mind. Any more of this sort of thing and we'll have a trend.

The film: The Ladykillers

Directed by: The Coen brothers

Starring: Tom Hanks