Media: Zeitgeist - A cutting-edge technology meets actual cutting edge in 21st-century Swiss knife

A Swiss Army penknife? How Zeitgeisty can that be? After all, they're more easily associated with Boy Scouts trimming fire wood than the vagaries of the information age.

Titter ye not. Yes, it comes complete with all the tools you'd expect: knife, nail-file, screwdriver, scissors. It also has an LED spotlight and a ballpoint pen.

But the Boy Scout's best friend has now joined the information age - the latest versions come complete with a 64 megabyte USB memory stick, that dinky little device that has superseded floppy discs and CD-Roms in the evolutionary chain. Use it to transfer big batches of files between your many computers.

There's also (and this gets double Zeitgeist marks) an air-travel version, which, for obvious Al-Quaeda-related reasons, doesn't have any of the sharp or pointy metal bits, not even a knife blade.

Just the LED spotlight and the memory device.

Now, that really is a re-invention of the whole concept of "knife". Life round the camp-fire will never be the same again.

What: The Swiss Memory USB

When: Taking pre-orders now on

The damage: £67.50


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