MEDIA: ZEITGEIST - Everybody Loves Raymond has made barely a ripple in the UK, but that may change

The US sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond finally broke the stranglehold of Friends at the Emmy Awards last week.

The CBS show fought off its rival to win its first outstanding comedy series award but, despite its success since launching in 1996, the show has barely surfaced in the UK.

Confined to a run of just one season on Paramount Comedy, the "surrealistic family comedy" stars the highest-paid actor on US television, Ray Romano.

And, in the US, it has converted critical acclaim into becoming the fifth most-watched show on television.

However, with Romano already muttering that this current season might be his last, the UK terrestrial channels have left it late if they are to screen the show. So far they have felt it won't convert well over here, but with the top Emmy in the bag and Channel 4 facing a gaping hole as Frasier and Sex in the City conclude there might still be time.

Programme: Everybody Loves Raymond

Network: CBS

Frequency: Weekly at 9pm on Monday

US audience: 14.4 million