Media: Zeitgeist - Michael Moore picks up the Palme D'Or in style, wowing critics but enraging patriots

You know that something very odd is happening when you see the arch cinematic mischief-maker Michael Moore wearing a dinner jacket and a dicky bow. But then it's not every day that the Cannes Film Festival gives its Palme D'Or to an American. Could politics be involved? Some are daring to suggest that Fahrenheit 9/11 (a savage indictment of the Bush administration and its disastrous new world order) is a bit dull and preachy, especially compared with Bowling for Columbine, which exposed the US's gun obsession, ambushing Charlton Heston in the process. But this is already more than a mere film. Moore still wants an official release date of 4 July, but following Cannes, it will undoubtedly hit our screens within weeks rather than months. As one major US newspaper puts it: "This movie deserves to be shunned and boycotted by all good Americans."

Now that's advertising.

The film: Fahrenheit 9/11

Preferred release date: 4 July

Actual release date: Imminent

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