Media Zeitgeist: Michael Moore takes on US healthcare despite cold feet on part of Disney's Miramax

Anything Michael Moore turns his hand to these days is bound to be newsworthy, although his latest project will inevitably be a smaller sensation than Fahrenheit 9/11.

Still, we have a seemingly insatiable appetite for anything that pokes fun at the Yanks and Sicko will definitely fit that bill, even though much of it will be incomprehensible to those of us on this side of the Atlantic. It's about the US healthcare system.

Zeitgeist has always been slightly sulky in its admiration for Moore.

He might get showered with awards but he's hardly synonymous with the values of balanced and exhaustive research that we so respect. Whatever.

The added value with Sicko is the extent to which it's making the Disney corporation squirm. You would think that Moore was eminently bankable, given the runaway success of Fahrenheit 9/11, but Disney (or, more accurately, its Miramax division, which backed the movie) is not exactly relishing its new-found reputation as the US's most subversive film-maker and is (allegedly) trying to wriggle out of the project. Priceless.

Big chap with glasses, beard and baseball cap? Yes, Moore's back

With a production called Sicko

For release: Some time during the administration of President Kerry.