MEDIA: ZEITGEIST - Never mind the plot, feel the entertainment as Starsky & Hutch gets movie makeover

Was Starsky & Hutch (the original 70s TV show, that is) knowingly funny? It was certainly as camp as Christmas, what with all those car chases whose sole aim was to end up ploughing through giant stacks of empty cardboard boxes, the pat-a-cake punch-ups and the decade's most hilarious cultural stereotyping in their snitch (how did he know that stuff?) Huggy Bear.

You wouldn't get away with that now. Unless ... this time around, there's no doubting the director's (Todd Philips of Road Trip and Old School fame) intentions - the plot is flimsy, a barely adequate framework to adorn with gags. The US critics love it. This is entertainment with a capital E, they say, with just the right balance between laughter and breezy chuckles. Ben Stiller is Starsky, Owen Wilson is Hutch and Snoop Dogg is Huggy. Don't give up on us, baby.

The film: Starsky & Hutch

The director: Todd Philips

UK release date: 5 March