MEDIA: ZEITGEIST - Paul Auster routes film noir via the Twilight Zone in this New York tale within a tale

This latest novel from Paul Auster is being hailed as a real return to form. At his best, Auster cuts film noir ingredients and the Twilight Zone with postmodernist mind games. Oracle Night, many say, is Auster at his best - and it certainly finds him back in the same groove (and the same home territory) as his New York Trilogy.

It's a story about a man called Sidney Orr whose life is turned on its head when he buys a blue notebook and begins writing a story about a man who decides to get up one day and walk away from his life. As Sidney begins to lose control and life starts imitating art, he enters a labyrinthine world of tales within tales.

Can he break the spell and disentangle the worlds of fact and fiction? Can any of us? The answer is here. Probably.

The book: Oracle Night

The author: Paul Auster

The publisher: Faber & Faber

Publication date: 5 February