Media: Zeitgeist - Philippe Starck offers a way to advanced civilisation via minimalist Puma footwear

The story so far: first, we were all bacteria; then we became frogs; then we became monkeys; then we became super-monkeys, capable of creating the concepts of god and of love, and, out of these twin ideas, we created civilisation. The highest manifestation of this civilisation, we are able to tell you (with a little help from, has only just been realised.

The breakthrough came when it was discovered progress would be made not by adding to all that technological stuff we were so obsessed with in the 20th century, but by going though a process of, like, subtraction.

The design of the Puma Philippe Starck is based not on showing off but on showing less and less.

Needless to say, these are currently the utmost in style. And all the more desirable, naturally, for the fact Puma has only made 120 available in the whole of the UK. More accurately, just London. Actually, a couple of postcodes. Oh well, maybe one day ...

What's new in galoshes? The Puma Philippe Starck

Available As always, the future is only available to a select few

A quantum leap in civilisation?

Naturally. The website says it's like an imploding star we see in the sky, whose volume decreases as its gravity increases.