Media: Zeitgeist - Tunick displays his wobbly bits en masse in previously obscure London art gallery

Tunick's in town. Pictures of people in their birthday suits are not exactly rare these days, as any reader of a tabloid newspaper will tell you - so it's obviously par for the course to find those same tabloids attacking Spencer Tunick as a loony.

Well, he's certainly no purveyor of "glamour" photography, that's for sure. Tunick is the guy who persuades thousands of people to take off their clothes and pose for him en masse in big public spaces. Railway stations, municipal buildings, department stores, city squares, major public thoroughfares - he's been there, done that.

He's not over here to persuade you to take your clothes off but there's a major exhibition of his compelling photographs opening at the weekend.

Ad agency creative departments are already forming a more or less orderly queue - after all, he has the Charles Saatchi seal of approval. Expect Tunick imagery to make a "subliminal" impact on UK advertising in early 2005.

Spencer Tunick exhibition Beyond the City, Hales Gallery, Bethnal Green Road, London E1. Also try