Media360 Engages Brands

Being the only panel to talk about programmatic at a media event is a novelty these days. Normally programmatic dominates the stage from start to finish, so I was delighted to take to the podium at Media360 in Brighton last week and put "programmatic on trial", as the title suggested.

Media360 Engages Brands

What I was most excited about was that the debate revolved around the brands themselves, rather than the typical focus being on agencies and technology. Brands always seem to be left out…. and this topic should all be about brands!

Who actually benefits most from programmatic; is it the brands, agencies, publishers or everyone?

During the debate, it was proposed that brands need to get more involved in programmatic, which very few people seemed to disagree with. Aligning with that, I was surprised to hear that only two brands in the crowd engage regularly with publisher channels.

To me this is a missed opportunity for all involved, as all parties in the chain should be working together on programmatic. And the goal of programmatic should be value, not just efficiency.

To get true value from programmatic we have to combine three things: efficiency, quality and creative. This means that technology partners (efficiency), publishers (quality) and creative agencies (creative) need to be involved as early as possible in the briefing process. Without these players involved, programmatic will remain focused on efficiency and technology, which could drive an unhealthy race to the bottom.

One question I felt we left unanswered was "who actually benefits most from programmatic; is it the brands, agencies, publishers or everyone?" I’m hoping it’s everyone – or at least should become everyone as time progresses. 

Cameron Hulett, Executive Director, EMEA, Undertone