MediaCom tops 1999 billings with St Luke’s

St Luke’s has strengthened its leadership of the Campaign business performance league after winning two high-profile accounts during the third quarter of 1999.

St Luke’s has strengthened its leadership of the Campaign business

performance league after winning two high-profile accounts during the

third quarter of 1999.

The agency, which has led the league for most of this year, has added

pounds 38 million of new business to its client list, winning the pounds

8 million IPC Connect account and picking up an extra pounds 30 million

of business from BSkyB.

The two wins put St Luke’s nearly pounds 35 million ahead of J. Walter

Thompson in second place - even after allowing for the loss of the

pounds 9 million Eurostar account to Young & Rubicam.

JWT retains second place in the league - now exclusively available on

Campaign’s website at www.campaignlive.

com - even though the agency has not added a penny to its new-business

haul in the last quarter.

The agency is now only pounds 2.5 million ahead of McCann-Erickson,

which has climbed to third place after picking up the pounds 13 million

Somerfield account last month and extending its worldwide grip on the

Mastercard business to the UK in June.

In joint fourth place are Bartle Bogle Hegarty and Y&R - the latter

benefiting from the network’s ABB account win as well as landing the

pounds 9 million Eurostar task.

Lower down, the league is dominated by smaller agencies, with RPM3

hanging on to eighth place in spite of losing the pounds 8 million

Mitsubishi account in July. Close behind are Delaney Fletcher Bozell in

ninth place with net new billings of pounds 17.5 million and Duckworth

Finn Grubb Waters in tenth place with net new billings of pounds 16.3


Meanwhile, the media league has a new outright leader. MediaCom/TMB has

shot up from tenth to first place in the past three months after winning

the pounds 80 million Volkswagen account from BBJ in August - the

biggest media account to come up for grabs this year.

The win topped off a successful third quarter for MediaCom, which also

landed the pounds 12 million Iceland account in June.

MindShare rose from third to second place with pounds 56.5 million of

new-business wins and only pounds 7 million of lost billings so far this

year. MindShare’s wins over the past three months include the pounds 13

million Mazda business and the pounds 20 million Britvic task.

BJK&E fell from first to joint seventh place in the third quarter,

despite not losing any business this year.

Business performance league

Rk  Agency                         Total        Total          Net

                                billings     billings     billings

                                  gained         lost       gained

                              (pounds m)   (pounds m)   (pounds m)

1   St Luke’s                       70.3          9.0         61.3

2   J. Walter Thompson              44.0         17.5         26.5

3   McCann-Erickson                 26.0          2.0         24.0

4=  Bartle Bogle Hegarty            23.0          1.5         21.5

4=  Young & Rubicam                 25.0          3.5         21.5

6=  D’Arcy                          18.5          -           18.5

6=  WCRS                            23.0          4.5         18.5

8   RPM3                            27.0          8.6         18.4

9   Delaney Fletcher Bozell         17.5          -           17.5

10  Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters     17.3          1.0         16.3

Source: Campaign (wins reported in 18 Dec 98 is sue or later).

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Media-only business performance league

Rk  Agency                         Total        Total          Net

                                billings     billings     billings

                                  gained         lost       gained

                              (pounds m)   (pounds m)   (pounds m)

1   MediaCom/TMB                   104.3         10.0         94.3

2   MindShare                       56.5          7.0         49.5

3   Manning Gottlieb Media          27.5          -           27.5

4   Motive                          25.5          -           25.5

5   Walker Media                    22.9          -           22.9

6   Starcom                         21.0          -           21.0

7=  BJK&E                           17.0          -           17.0

7=  Western International           18.0          1.0         17.0

9   New PHD                         15.0          1.4         13.6

10  Expert Media                    13.0          -           13.0

Source: Campaign (wins reported in 18 Dec 98 is sue or later).

A more detailed version of this table can be found on

Queries to Claire Cozens on 0181-267 4895