MediaCom unveils themed affinity ad breaks concept

MediaCom is claiming to be the first media agency to create an "affinity break", a complete ad break filled with its own clients that have a central theme in common.

The agency has brought together clients themed around motoring to take over entire ad breaks on ITV, Channel 4, five, Sky and ids channels.

Breaks will feature advertising from Volkswagen, Kwik-Fit, Churchill Car Insurance and Shell Optimax.

MediaCom argued that linking the ads together in one break will promote greater levels of recall because viewers find it easier to remember related ideas .

The activity will break on 21 June and will run for several weeks in breaks targeting ABC1 men.

Ads will run around programming that includes Channel 4 cricket, The Southbank Show on ITV1, news bulletins on five and a Jeremy Clarkson special on UKTV.

Rhys McLachhan, the head of television implementation at MediaCom, led the team that developed the initiative. He said that the largest barrier to the idea was having the breadth of clients in an inventory to cluster them around a single theme.

He said: "In simple terms, we needed to find a way for our target audience to be totally focused on our advertisers messages. By placing together these particular client ads in the correct environments, we're magnifying the effect of the break. In many ways, it's the old adage of the sum being greater than the combined value of its constituent parts."