Meme Digital reveals Big Brother-themed virals for Mini

The WCRS-owned digital agency Meme Digital has completed its debut work for the Mini car marque with a viral campaign that pastiches the Channel 4 reality TV show Big Brother.

The three one-minute vignettes spoof the activities of five contestants who are all staying in the "Mini Brother" car.

The spots open with a Mini logo adapted to look like Big Brother's eye and follow the events of the contestants' incarceration. In one instance, they are captured reading the diary of one of the members.

Anson Harris, the creative director of Meme, said: "The timing for this material is great. Spoofing some-thing that is already in the public consciousness is viral by nature."

The ads were written by Harris, who also wrote The Number's viral spoof of Honda's "cog" spot, and Dan Fisher at WCRS. Art direction is by Mark Nicholson at WCRS. The viral campaign was directed by Steven Sander of Quiet Storm and can be found at, and is available from 17 June.

Meme Digital was launched last month, working out of the WCRS offices. It replaced the agency's previous interactive division, eBrands, which was folded back into the agency two years ago.

The "Mini Brother" campaign is the second piece of work from the agency, following the creation of a viral website for The Number.

WCRS has consistently sought to emphasise the personality of the Mini.

In November, the agency unveiled its series of idents to back the marque's sponsorship of ITV's Between The Sheets. These were based on a love theme.